Engineering, Design, and Facilities Installation

  • Design, manufacture, and execution of minor projetcs to meet our customers needs
  • Suitable personnel to provide timely response to challenges in the metal-machanic arena
  • Flow lines design and construction for production facilities
  • Supply of personnel and pipeline construction
  • WWTPs and DWTPs design and construction
  • 2D and 3D designs for industrial systems, structures, and tanks
  • Strategic partnerships with foreign firms on major projects
  • Manufacture and assembly of all types of pipelines
  • Manufacture and assembly of ASME IIIV, API, and UL 142 tanks and dams
  • Construction and assembly of structures and warehouses
  • Execution of civil works for the industry
  • Manufacture of special equipment for the industry
  • Fiber thermal insulation for piping and equipment
  • Installation of fore protection systems compliant with NFPA 20
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