Integrated Operations and Maintenance

Our O&M knowledge in the Oil and Gas industry allows us to find integrated and immediate solutions contributing to the appropriate development of our customers, projects, in line with the environmental conservation and having a good relationship with the community in the area of influence where we provide our services.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Operation of production facilities
  • Maintenance of production facilities
  • Optimization of maintenance and production management strategies
  • Meteorological assurance
  • Efficient management of resources
  • Qualified personnel to execute the operating strategies

Integrated Production Operations

  • Diagnosis and or evaluation of our customers' productive processes
  • Oilfield fluids handling, storage, and control
  • Planning, management, and execution of measurement plans according to national and international regulations
  • Supply of qualified personnel as an integrated response and attention plan of production batteries and on-site process control monitoring centers
  • Steady operating field and sampling laboratories field control

Integrated Maintenance

  • Diagnosis and/ or evaluation of our customers' asset portfolio
  • Preparation of maintenance strategies based on operating requirements and corporate policies
  • Maintenance plan planning, scheduling, execution and monitoring
  • KPIs evaluation
  • Maintenance costs optimization
  • Best Practices implementation
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